6 Best Online Face Swap Video Editors

Looking for a face swap video editor? A wide range of excellent online tools is available to assist you in creating stunning face swap videos. This article will highlight the web's top six face swap video editors. These editors are user-friendly and provide several features that can aid in creating incredible videos. So, if you're eager to begin, let's take a look at the finest online face swap video editors!

6 Best Face Swap Apps for Videos

Here are the best video editors that offer the most advanced face swap features:

Deepswap - AI Face Swap App for Video, Photo & GIF - Deepfake Maker nline

Deepswap is an online AI-powered app that enables users to create face swap videos , photos, and GIFs. With over 150 million users, the platform offers a variety of face-swapping options, including gender swaps, movie role refacing, and face memes.


Pros of using Deepswap:

  • No ads, watermarks, or installations required
  • A user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate
  • The ability to reshape up to six faces within the same clip quickly
  • No content filters or data collection, ensuring user privacy
  • Suitable for video, photo, and GIF creation

Pricing for Deepswap:

PRO version membership: 20 credits per month for video or GIF uploads

  • Monthly: $9.99 (the first month), $0.49 per video (15s)
  • Yearly: $49.99 (the first year), $0.20 per video (15s)

Face swap costs:

  • Photo face swap: 0.1 Credits
  • Video face swap: 1 Credit per 15s
  • GIF face swap: 1 Credit

Vidnoz - Create Realistic Face Swap Videos

Vidnoz's face swapper is an online tool that uses AI technology to allow users to switch faces in photos and videos. It generates AI face swap images and videos seamlessly, providing a quick and easy way to create entertaining content. vidnoz-face-swap-app.png

vidnoz-face-swap-tool.png Pros of using Vidnoz:

  • Free online AI face swap tool
  • Remove the watermark with the payment
  • Effortlessly generate face swap videos with high-quality images
  • Maximum video size of 500MB

Pricing for Vidnoz:

  • Free plan: $0 per month
  • Monthly plan: $12.99, 80 Credits, $0.81 per video (15s)
  • Half-yearly plan: $24.99, 480 Credits, $0.26 per video (15s)
  • Yearly plan: $29.99, 960 Credits, $0.16 per video (15s)

Face swap costs:

  • Photo face swap: 1 Credits
  • Video face swap: 5 Credit per 15s
  • GIF face swap: 5 Credit per 15s

Akool's face swap app - Premium Quality AI Face Swap Tool

Akool's face swap app is a great AI tool for switching faces, making them look really good. The app helps marketing teams work faster and create awesome ads in no time. akool-face-swap-app.png

Pros of using Akool's face swap app:

  • Akool's face swapping tool uses Generative AI for precise swaps, ideal for professional marketing.
  • Options include swapping faces in stock photos, creating group swaps, animating faces, and beautifying.
  • The app supports JPEG, PNG, and WebP formats for high-resolution output, prioritizing privacy.

Pricing for Akool's face swap app:

10 Credits =10s,Cost at least 10 Credits each time.

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Professional: $30, 600 Credits, $0.75 per video (per 15s)
  • Max: $500, 12000 Credits, $0.26 per video, $0.625 per video (per 15s)

Reface - A Face Swaps App in GIFs and Videos & Deepfake Face generator

Reface is a mobile app for Android and iOS that enables professional face swaps in videos and GIFs. Users can replace a celebrity's face in a video with any other face or look by scanning their face with the camera or uploading an image from the gallery.

Pros of using Reface:

  • Offers a wide selection of videos for added fun and entertainment.
  • Brings a fun twist to face swap videos, perfect for social media and entertainment projects.

Pricing for Reface:

  • Starting at $12.99
  • Watermark-free videos are only available to paid users.

DeepBrain AI - Create a Custom AI Avatar With Face Swap

DeepBrain AI is an AI video generator specializing in creating face swap videos and other content without needing cameras, microphones, or actors. custom-avatar-using-face-swap.jpeg Pros of using DeepBrain AI:

  • Reduces production time and costs associated with traditional video creation.
  • Facilitates scalable video production without compromising quality.
  • Supports over 80 languages for high-quality voiceovers.
  • Integration with ChatGPT.

Pricing for DeepBrain AI:

Starter plan: $30/month for 10 minutes per month

Deepfakesweb - Online Deepfake Maker

DeepfakeWeb is an innovative online tool that harnesses the power of AI to replace faces in videos. This cloud-based software can be accessed from any internet-connected device and boasts a user-friendly interface that allows for the creation of a deepfake video in just three clicks.

Pros of using Deepfakesweb:

  • A user-friendly interface for quick and effortless deepfake video generation.
  • Trained models can be reused to save time and resources.
  • Purposely adds imperfections to make deepfakes easier to identify.
  • Offers high-quality deepfake video creation at a low cost for a wider range of users.

Pricing for Deepfakesweb:

  • Starting from $19/month deepfakeweb-pricing.png

Replace face in video online now.

In this article, we introduced six online video face-swapping tools. These tools all use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, allowing users to easily replace one person's face with another or other images in videos. With these tools, you can add fun elements to your videos or create unique content to grab your audience's attention.

Finally, if you want to learn more about artificial intelligence technology, you can visit PopWebTools. You can find more information about AI tools and learn how to use them to enhance your productivity and creativity here.

Frequently Asked Questions About ‘Face Swap Apps for Video’

What are the best face swap video editors available online?

Many excellent face swap video editors are available online, but some of the best include Deepswap, Akool's face swap app, DeepBrain AI, Vidnoz, Reface, and Deepfakesweb.

What features can I expect from Deepswap's face swap video editor?

Deepswap's AI-powered face swap video editor offers users a user-friendly interface, the ability to reshape up to six faces in the same clip, no ads or watermarks, and no content filters or data collection to ensure user privacy.

What are the advantages of using Reface's face swap app?

Reface's face swap app is user-friendly, offers an extensive video library, adds a fun element to face swap videos, and provides watermark-free videos for paid users.

How does Deepfakesweb's online deepfake maker work?

Deepfakesweb's online deepfake maker is an innovative tool that uses AI to replace faces in videos. It boasts a user-friendly interface and can be accessed from any internet-connected device.

Is face swap safe?

The use of face swap apps raises concerns regarding the safety and privacy of personal data. While many people worry about these apps using their likenesses for commercial purposes, it's essential to understand that they collect more than just facial data. It's important to exercise caution and be mindful of the data these apps collect before using them.

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