Top 4 AI Image Upscalers in 2024

AI art creators like Midjourney and Jasper Art have gained popularity, but AI can do more than just create images - it can also enhance and enlarge them. AI image upscalers can improve image quality and make them larger without losing clarity, providing a valuable tool for both personal and professional use. These upscalers use advanced techniques to enhance low-quality images, making them look better.

This post will explore the top AI image upscalers for enhancing photos.

Why do you need AI image upscalers?

Benefits of Using AI Image Upscalers:

  • Recover lost details and improve image quality
  • Easier to achieve desired resolution
  • Save time and effort in editing and resizing
  • User-friendly interface for easy upscaling process

4 Best AI Image Upscalers in 2024

Icons8 Image Upscalers - Upscale Images & Enhance Photos Online

AI Image Upscaler by Icons8 makes pictures and photos look better using AI online. It can make images clearer and bigger up to 8 times at once or through the scaling API. icon8-image-upscalers.png

Pros of using image upscaler by icons8:

  • Use a Mac app to enlarge images and remove the background.
  • Get permission to use Smart Upscaler API

Pricing for image upscaler by icons8:

  • $10 for 50 prepaid images;
  • $9/month for 100 images with rollover credits;
  • $99/month for unlimited images.

Kittl’s AI Image Upscaler - AI Image Enhancer Free

Kittl's AI Image Upscaler is an AI image enhancer that allows you to easily** enhance the quality of images**. With this tool, you can increase the size and resolution of your images without compromising their quality. It can automatically upscale your selected image to a maximum of 4096x4096 pixels in just one click, making it suitable for printing. kittl-ai-image-enlarger.png

Pros of using Kittl's AI Image Upscaler:

  • Enhance image quality for print projects
  • Allows for easy image transformation within the design process.
  • Retain detail with up to 4096x4096 pixel resolution

Pricing for Kittl's AI Image Upscaler:

  • Free forever: 20 AI Credits
  • Pro: $15, 30 AI Credits/day
  • Expert: $30, 100 AI Credits/day

Upscaler.Stockphoto -Image Upscaler Online Free

The StockPhotos Upscaler is a free image upscaler that makes pictures look better and bigger. It can make images up to 800% larger and has three ways to make the pictures smoother. The tool can find problems in pictures like being too small, having a lot of extra dots, or not being clear, but you might need to change some settings to make the pictures look just right. upscaler-stockphoto-ai-image-upscaler.png

Pros of using StockPhotos Upscaler :

  • Free trial allows upscaling of three images.
  • Excellent results for low detail images.

Pricing for StockPhotos Upscaler:

  • Free trial: Up to 3 images.
  • Standard: 20 upscales for $7.
  • Premium: 100 upscales for $15.

Upscale Media - Upscale Images to 4X Online is an AI-powered picture upscaler that allows users to increase the resolution of their images without compromising on quality. The platform offers multiple plans to cater to different user needs and will enable users to upscale photos in bulk. upscale-media-ai-image-upscaler

Pros of using

  • AI technology for quick image upscaling
  • Bulk processing capability
  • Retains original image details for realistic results

Pricing for

  • Free Forever Plan: $0 / CREDIT, includes 3 free credits and downloads/month.
  • Subscription Plans: Start at $9 for 10 credits ($0.90/CREDIT).
  • Pay as you go: Start at $19 for 30 credits ($0.63/CREDIT).
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom solutions for enterprises.

What’s your Favorite AI image upscaler?

In conclusion, AI image upscalers are essential for enhancing low-resolution image quality. Each of the above-listed AI image upscalers has unique features and benefits, so choosing the one that best suits your needs is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions About ‘AI Image Upscalers’

What is an AI image upscaler?

An AI image upscaler uses AI to improve image quality and enlarge images without losing clarity by analyzing and interpolating missing pixels.

How do AI image upscalers work?

AI image upscalers use advanced technology to make images bigger and better by adding more pixels and keeping important details. This helps to make the pictures clearer and higher quality.

What are the benefits of using AI image upscalers?

Improve low-res images and enlarge without losing quality.

Can AI image upscalers be used professionally?

AI image upscalers are valuable for professional use in industries like graphic design, photography, and printing, improving image quality for marketing materials and print projects.

What are popular AI image upscalers in 2024?

In 2024, popular image upscaling options include Icons8, Kittl’s AI, Upscaler.Stockphoto, and Upscale Media.

Can AI image upscalers enhance images for printing?

Yes, many upscalers, like Kittl’s AI Image Upscaler and Upscale Media, are designed to improve images for printing. They increase resolution and quality, ensuring suitability for high-quality prints.

What's the best AI image upscaler for me?

Consider your preferences, budget, and requirements when choosing between options like Icons8, Kittl’s AI, Upscaler.Stockphoto, and Upscale Media.